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CyberFirst Advanced

CyberFirst Advanced, builds upon the content of the computer science A-Level and will inspire students with an interest in computing and cyber security. On this course, students will be fully immersed in the cyber security subject areas, which will help them to form their education and career path.

Module content consists of interactive, hands on, self-guided, exploratory learning. Reducing the amount of time spent in traditional instructor led presentations to the very minimum.

Day 1 - Digital Forensics

This day focuses on the tools and techniques, which cyber security professionals use to recover from a breach or investigate a cybercrime.

Day 2 - Encryption

This day focuses on the advanced mathematics, technologies and techniques, which cyber security professionals use to protect digital communications.

Day 3 - Open Source Intelligence

We look at online footprints, metadata and the dark web and the tools and techniques, which cyber security professionals use to investigate cyber-crime.

Day 4 - Penetration Testing

We look at the tools, techniques and skills, which security professionals use to test for vulnerabilities so that systems can be better protected.

Day 5 -Digital Treasure Hunt

Students take part in an immersive scenario in which all of the skills, knowledge and tools, which they have amassed over the last 4 days, must be used to solve an online challenge.

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