We are proud to manage the nucleargraduates programme. The UK’s nuclear industry is facing its biggest challenge in decades. Existing power stations near the end of their working lives are being decommissioned, while a new wave of plants has been given the go ahead. The design and build of nuclear-powered submarines provides further challenges for engineers and scientists..

The factors behind this resurgence are complex, but one thing is clear – the need for suitably skilled graduates from the UK is greater than ever.

Engineers, scientists and a business mind will all be essential to the future of this sector. That’s why leading businesses and organisations have come together to create a new graduate training programme; nucleargraduates.

Laying the foundations for your future…
For decades, the nuclear industry has offered individual training programmes that have been the envy of other industries.

Your programme will be broken down into technical and behavioural training. It will be structured against the needs of the chartered institute with whom you’re aiming to gain a qualification or membership. It’s our goal to stretch you, test you and open your mind to new work processes and commercial challenges. At the same time we’ll equip you with all the practical skills you need to work on projects day-to-day.

You’ll be given real responsibilities, but you won’t be alone. Throughout the programme you will have access to the Programme Team, as well as your own individual Technical Mentor and Line Managers. The support of a dedicated nucleargraduates programme team throughout the two years of your graduate programme. As Mental Health First Aiders the team are fully equipped to assist you through your nucleargraduates journey.

One thing that many nucleargraduates find important is the company of other nucleargraduates, which include everyone from scientists to engineers, accountants to project managers. Your colleagues will always be there, and the bonds you form in that group will be some of the strongest you have ever made. Why? Because only other nucleargraduates will understand what it’s like to be a pioneer – changing the face of our industry forever.

nucleargraduates is the most comprehensive training scheme the industry has ever seen. To find out more of what they do please Visit their website

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“nucleargraduates are great to work for as they do their utmost to make sure you are happy in your placement and provide valuable learning opportunities” (nucleargraduate)

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